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Right in time

Right in time

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Zero costs

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Selection of tenants through our algorithm YouCheck

Your tenant is selected through the YouCheck algorithm which analyses bank statements to assess the discipline and reliability of candidates.

Rents paid on fixed dates

Your rents and charges are paid to you each month on a fixed date, whatever happens: Youse is the intermediary of payment between you and the tenant, so that you avoid late payments and unpaid rents.

Up to 24 months of unpaid rents guaranteed

No more complicated procedures: thanks Youse, your rents continue to be paid for up to 24 months in the event of unpaid rents. After 3 months, you benefit from a free assistance to initiate a procedure of cancellation of the lease.

Free for landlords

The Youse guarantee is fully financed by the tenant (3.8% of the rent including charges). This way you make sure of the profitability of your property... and you enjoy your peace of mind !

Logo CNP Assurances

youse is a wholly owned subsidiary of CNP Assurances

Youse relies on the strength of the leader in life and health insurance in France.

160 years of experience

38 million insured worldwide

5000 employees worldwide

313 billion € net average outstanding amount 2018

How to set up your guarantee ?


Contact Youse by phone

The tenant applies on the Youse site. If he/she is accepted, he/she will provide you a Youse certificate. You can then contact our team at +33 (0)1 87 66 19 10 to provide all details about you and the rental.

Provide the requested documents

We need an ID, a proof of address and an IBAN to pay you the rent each month.

Sign the lease with your tenant

Sign the lease as well as the lease guarantee, delivered by your tenant.

To make your life easier, we provide templates of lease incorporating the Youse service Download the lease templates

what our landlords say about us

  • Guy, owner of a 2-bedrooms in Volgelsheim

    « Youse talks directly to the tenant when he/she applies: it is a major advantage because he/she does not have to check the boxes of a pre-established rigid profile, which is not easy to fit. It’s a real support for the landlord, who must otherwise do everything on his/her own. »

  • Catherine, owner of a 1-bedroom in Montrouge

    « I’m the one suggesting Youse to my tenants. In my opinion, it’s the best solution for a tenant. If necessary, I even propose to the tenant to pay half of the monthly fee, which remains a great deal for me compared to other insurance options »

  • Martin, owner of a studio in Paris

    « Youse brings a 2 year guarantee in case of unpaid rents, which is great. Knowing you’re covered all this time brings you a real peace of mind. »

  • Guy, owner of a 2-bedrooms in Volgelsheim

    « It is a tenant who introduced me to Youse. He was an expatriate who made a very good living but had no long term contract in France. Fortunately there are services like this, it doesn’t make any sense to refuse someone simply because he/she does not have a French contract. »

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